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Orchard Lea Nursery's approach

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework and Practice Guidance which combines Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage, The Birth to Three Matters Framework and the National Daycare Standards.


We use the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) for children aged from birth to 5 years, which was updated September 2012.

EYFS focuses on seven areas:

Prime Areas:

Communication & language,

Physical development,

Personal, social & emotional.


4 Specific Areas:



Understanding of the world,

Expressive arts and design.


Our approach is to promote all-round development, intellectual, physical, emotional and social, in a safe and nurturing environment filled with exciting activities and friendly staff. Our unique program for your child is based on their particular stage of development with careful observations.


Having a curriculum from birth allows the benefit to extend a child’s learning through fun and creative play that is tailored to meet their individual needs.

We have the following aims:

We are happy to discuss any questions about our nursery's aims and approach. Call us on

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• To provide a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment that welcomes and supports children and their families in our community

• To promote social and intellectual development of every child in our care through the provision of a broad and balanced nursery curriculum, that has the flexibility to use planned and spontaneous activities

• To provide opportunities for children to gain confidence in their own abilities and to become confident and motivated learners

• To value and support staff and students ensuring that individual skills and knowledge are appropriate and valid, whilst giving each the opportunity to develop their lifelong learning

• To establish and maintain close links between our families, nursery and the local community.  

• To work in partnership with parents/carers/families, outside agencies and government bodies.




Individual “Learning Diaries” (purple books) are used for all our over 2 years old children - this is a detailed record of a child’s learning including observations made at nursery with photographs, pictures, mark making and their creations. The under 2 year olds also have homelink books with detailed pages which are completed each day on a child’s routine such as sleeps, feeding and nappy changes. We hope that you will take your purple books home to share and add to them.


Our two-way communication tools help us to get a fuller understanding of their interests and needs and we hope that they will enjoy contributing to them.

We do not hold formal parent evenings but prefer to have a more adaptable approach by offering informal meetings, if needed, with parents/carers at mutually convenient times. We also hold home visits after your child has settled at Orchard Lea. We hold group transition meetings as your child progresses from age group to age group.


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