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Information you may find useful about our OFSTED registered nursery

When choosing a nursery for your child, obviously it's very important to try and find one that fits closely to your ideals or criteria - as your child will be spending a large proportion of their time at nursery. We also understand most parents will be looking for value for money. Below is information that may help with some of your questions.

A helpful resource is our recent Ofsted report, which will give you some more information on the quality and performance of our nursery, based in Bristol.

A healthy lunch!

Give your child food confidence, with fresh, tasty and wholesome food!

Our lunches are provided by Early Years Catering, who specialise in creating food for children under 5 years old, and provide organic and nutritionally balanced meals to our nursery. Children's main meals are complemented by two healthy snacks with organic fruit during the day and a late tea if needed. All dietary requirements can be catered for. Organic milk or water is offered to drink.

Health & exercise education

The awareness about health and exercise is becoming ever more important to us and our children, in our everyday lives. Every week we have a visit from Stretch & Grow, who teach the children the proper basics of good health and exercise with good nutrition - we believe this helps to establish lifelong positive attitudes for good health.

As part of our partnership with Speedwell Nursery, we run a 'Stay and Play' at St Aidan's Church hall, in St George every Tuesday morning from 9:30am - 11:00am.

For the great benefits of a fun and lively OFSTED registered nursery, call our friendly staff on.

0117 935 3863

Storytelling and dressing up!

Another weekly visitor is Kinderama, whose programme helps to encourage storytelling and drama using additional props e.g. music and dressing up. This is great for bringing out your child's creative side!

Additional support

Orchard Lea Nursery is linked with Speedwell Nursery and Children’s Centre and is a Sure Start Centre. We can provide a variety of additional support for parents as needed.

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